Jeffery Dahmer

Alex Jimenez

Jeffrey Dahmer Transcript

February 23, 2017




MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Police Department released a transcript of the 911 call that was placed surrounding the murder of a 14 yr. old boy by Jeffery Dahmer.

The 911 call refers to Milwaukee resident Glenda Cleveland’s two dispatchers called. The first incident occurred when Cleveland noticed a young boy on the street naked and bruised up. According to the transcript the police said the boy was intoxicated. The transcript later states that Cleveland issued another call informing police that she believed that the young boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, had been molested by a man. The man was later identified as Jeffery Dahmer.

                Dahmer, 31, was later arrested. He stated that the police officers had been in his apartment once when they returned Sinthasomphone. According to police reports once returned, Dahmer then killed him. After the arrest, Dahmer confessed to killing 17 others and 11 mutilated bodies were found in his apartment. During his trial, Dahmer pleaded insanity.

                “Well no, I am not saying anything about that, but it appeared to be a child. That is my concern” Cleveland said several times to the officer who assured her that everything was taken care of.

                The two officers who returned Sinthasomphone have since been suspended without pay. According to their lawyer, the officers did not suspect anything when the returned the boy to Dahmer’s apartment.