Timothy Mottet Lecture

Alex Jimenez

Pediatric Trauma Assessment

April 10, 2017


 LIBERTY, Mo. – Today, Timothy Mottet spoke to a class at William Jewell College. Mottet gave insight on his experiences in his field of work after graduation. His main point of focus was talking about his study of communication within pediatric trauma teams.

                Mottet observed several types of truama. Motte explained how there were many rolls to observe. Dealing with the different power dynamics he stated, was very difficult and uncomfortable. Motte and his team came up with an instrument to help measure the effectiveness of trauma teams. This was called the Assessment of Pediatric Resuscitation Communication Team Assessment.  The assessment included several questions asking to rate certain aspects of the team and surgery.

                Mottet’s study began when he got a call from one of his former students, Jessica Raley. Raley put Motte in touch with Chief Surgeon at Dell’s Children’s hospital in Austin, Texas, Todd Maxon. Mottet then began to observe trauma teams and figure out how communication can be enhanced.

                Mottet emphasized that his strong foundation of knowledge started when he came to William Jewell in the 80’s. The content that he thought with and used here at William Jewell Mottet said, has allowed him to develop and help other develop critical thinking. The focus of today’s talk centered around Timothy and his assessment of how pediatric trauma teams communicate and how communication can affect the situation dealing with a trauma patient.

Timothy Mottet graduated William Jewell College in 1984 majoring in communication. Motte is currently the Provost at Northwest Missouri State University. He will be receiving an achievement for outstanding work in his field during William Jewell’s annual convocation.