Possible Law Change

Alex Jimenez

Law Requiring Helmets

April 6, 2017


LIBERTY, Mo. – Two people were rushed to Memorial Hospital yesterday after being injured in a two-vehicle accident. During the scene, a conference to get signatures on a petition that would stop a bill that would not require motorcyclist to wear helmets was taking place.

One of the victims who was injured in the accident was 19-year-old Grady Smith. Ironically Smith suffered his injuries while riding a motorcycle. Smith suffered a broken arm and several broken ribs. However, Smith’s doctor was quoted saying had he not been wearing a helmet, his injuries would have been much worse.

Prior to the ambulance arriving, a conference was being held by physicians to pass a petition not to sign a new bill that would not require motorcyclist to wear helmets. Doctors from Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Reginal Medical Center, Sacred Heart Hospital, St. Nicholas Hospital and the Medi-First Clinic were all present.

Since the passing of the law requiring motorcyclist to wear helmets, Dr. Karl Sodergreen said head injuries from motorcycle accidents is 70% less than it was prior. Dr. Sodergreen also stated that this decrease is directly correlated with the passage of the law. Dr. Hector Rivera did a study that showed that emergency room cost alone could go up 45% if the law is repealed.

Doctors from these hospitals have got nearly 400 signatures so far and plan to get 500 before sending it to the legislature. Dr. Sodergreen has stated that it is the physicians plan to send their petition to the legislature on Monday. The bill is to be considered by the legislature next Wednesday.