Verruckt: A Disturbing Reminder (Broadcast Style)

With Summer just around the corner water parks and amusement parks alike will be open for business. Schlitterbahn, set to open May twenty-sixth, is still host to the world’s tallest water slide Verruckt (ver-ruck) which, is a grim reminder of the tragic incident which resulted in the death of ten year-old Caleb Schwab last year. After the incident the ride was intended to be taken down because it was deemed unfit and unsafe for riders. A court order prevents the amusement park from taking it down the ride. When police launched their investigation the judge issued and injunction preventing anyone from altering the slide in anyway. Kansas Attorney General’s Office is still reviewing the death investigation for possible criminal charges according to Schlitterbahn officials. Spokesman for Schlitterbahn Winter Prosapio said that its terrible for the community and the family that the ride still stands. It’s estimated that it would take about four weeks to dismantle the massive slide. If the slide does not get approved before the park opens it will be even more difficult to operate while guests are around. However, Prosapio is hopeful the ride will be taken down before the parks opening day next month.

Audio File: Link

Video File: Link


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