Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

Alex Jimenez

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

April 5, 2017


Sheridan’s Frozen Custard has been servicing the community of Liberty for seventeen years. Owner Brad Newland, a former William Jewell graduate, has been providing delicious custard while offering quality service not just at the store, but out in the community as well.

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard has been a popular spot in Liberty ever since it’s open seventeen years ago. Brad Newland, the owner of the Sheridan’s in Liberty, was the head pro at The National golf course when he ran into Jim Sheridan (creator of Sheridan’s Frozen Custard) who asked Newland if he would be interested in running a franchise in Liberty.

What has it been like to work in a town like Liberty?

When asked, he said the past few years Liberty has exploded and become a popular destination to live. New buildings going up, old ones coming down. 

The unique custard and fun blends of condiments is what has pushed Sheridan’s to be a long successful business here in Liberty.

“I love liberty, it has been a blessing to be able to run Sheridan’s for as long as we have. This has been a great place to raise our two kids. We’ve always been the store that is filled with high school employee’s, so throughout the years we’ve enjoyed being so active in kids lives and really connecting with the schools around and the community,” Newland said.

Part of the success has dealt with the relationships built within the community. Sheridan’s on a weekly basis is involved with local caterings. You can find Sheridan’s being catered all over Liberty, most notably at the local high school sporting events. When asked about what he thinks of Liberty, Owner Brad Newland said, “We love the Liberty community, we just hope they love us as much as we love them”.

What is one of the joys you get from running a custard store?

Dirt ‘n worms, Royal Turtles, and Brett’s Butter-Pecan are just a few of Sheridan’s most popular concretes. Toppings include anywhere from cookie dough, strawberry’s, brownies, mango’s, you name it they got it.

“There have been several joys while running this store. Usually after a big sporting event or tournament teams and parents love to come get some custard, so getting to meet new people and having the high school kids and kids from all over come to enjoy our custard has always made me happy. Oh, of course all the free custard I want as well!,” Said Newland.


I was also able to ask Mr. Newland’s sun, Brady a few questions. This was perfect because I was able to get a different perspective from in the family.

“What has it been like having Sheridan’s be such a big part of your life?”

“Honestly, it has been pretty great. I can actually remember going with my dad to cater one of the Jewell fraternity events, The islander party (Which is something the William Jewell Fiji fraternity still does) . It’s been so fun getting to meet so many different people. It was also the best because when I was young I got to tell all my friends my family is the one who owns the ice cream store”. Said Mr. Newland’s son Brady.


If you are ever in the mood for some tasty custard and a friendly neighborhood vibe, go and check out Sheridan’s Frozen Custard just off 291 in Liberty.



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