Verruckt: A Disturbing Reminder (Broadcast Style)

With Summer just around the corner water parks and amusement parks alike will be open for business. Schlitterbahn, set to open May twenty-sixth, is still host to the world’s tallest water slide Verruckt (ver-ruck) which, is a grim reminder of the tragic incident which resulted in the death of ten year-old Caleb Schwab last year. After the incident the ride was intended to be taken down because it was deemed unfit and unsafe for riders. A court order prevents the amusement park from taking it down the ride. When police launched their investigation the judge issued and injunction preventing anyone from altering the slide in anyway. Kansas Attorney General’s Office is still reviewing the death investigation for possible criminal charges according to Schlitterbahn officials. Spokesman for Schlitterbahn Winter Prosapio said that its terrible for the community and the family that the ride still stands. It’s estimated that it would take about four weeks to dismantle the massive slide. If the slide does not get approved before the park opens it will be even more difficult to operate while guests are around. However, Prosapio is hopeful the ride will be taken down before the parks opening day next month.

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Buster the Bunny Captured

Alex Jimenez

Bunny Attack Sends Children to Hospital

March 30th, 2017


Liberty, MO- A magic show at a children’s festival in Liberty MO turned south on Thursday when a bunny attacked three children.  The three children later went to Liberty Hospital for a checkup after Buster the Bunny had scratched them.

The incident occurred in Liberty when the city hosted a magic show. During an act in the show a bunny named Buster became frightened and ended up scratching some of the children in attendance. Instantly after attacking the children, Buster fled. Julius Povacz, who is a volunteer paramedic, assed the injuries and diagnosed them as minor. However, Povacz did suggest the parents take the children to the hospital for precautionary reasons. At the hospital, Director of Public Affairs Harriet Ruiz gave the proper shots to the children.

 Since the incident, Buster has been contained to determine if he is rabid. Buster has since been quarantined to determine if he is rabid.  Kim Rybinksi, the owner of a local pet store, said “it is highly unlikely that Buster has rabies because he was in captivity and never got exposed to wild animals”. Director of the Humane Society Michael Jeffrey’s led volunteers in a hunt for Buster but it was not successful. Carlos Alecia soon discovered Buster, captured and tested him for rabies.

Buster the bunny’s owner, Maggie, has been doing shows with Buster for almost five years. All these years she says “nothing like this has ever happened”.

Details of the attack were relayed through Superintendent of the city parks commission Emile Plambeck. The children who were attacked are waiting to see if further shots will be needed.




Possible Law Change

Alex Jimenez

Law Requiring Helmets

April 6, 2017


LIBERTY, Mo. – Two people were rushed to Memorial Hospital yesterday after being injured in a two-vehicle accident. During the scene, a conference to get signatures on a petition that would stop a bill that would not require motorcyclist to wear helmets was taking place.

One of the victims who was injured in the accident was 19-year-old Grady Smith. Ironically Smith suffered his injuries while riding a motorcycle. Smith suffered a broken arm and several broken ribs. However, Smith’s doctor was quoted saying had he not been wearing a helmet, his injuries would have been much worse.

Prior to the ambulance arriving, a conference was being held by physicians to pass a petition not to sign a new bill that would not require motorcyclist to wear helmets. Doctors from Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Reginal Medical Center, Sacred Heart Hospital, St. Nicholas Hospital and the Medi-First Clinic were all present.

Since the passing of the law requiring motorcyclist to wear helmets, Dr. Karl Sodergreen said head injuries from motorcycle accidents is 70% less than it was prior. Dr. Sodergreen also stated that this decrease is directly correlated with the passage of the law. Dr. Hector Rivera did a study that showed that emergency room cost alone could go up 45% if the law is repealed.

Doctors from these hospitals have got nearly 400 signatures so far and plan to get 500 before sending it to the legislature. Dr. Sodergreen has stated that it is the physicians plan to send their petition to the legislature on Monday. The bill is to be considered by the legislature next Wednesday.


Timothy Mottet Lecture

Alex Jimenez

Pediatric Trauma Assessment

April 10, 2017


 LIBERTY, Mo. – Today, Timothy Mottet spoke to a class at William Jewell College. Mottet gave insight on his experiences in his field of work after graduation. His main point of focus was talking about his study of communication within pediatric trauma teams.

                Mottet observed several types of truama. Motte explained how there were many rolls to observe. Dealing with the different power dynamics he stated, was very difficult and uncomfortable. Motte and his team came up with an instrument to help measure the effectiveness of trauma teams. This was called the Assessment of Pediatric Resuscitation Communication Team Assessment.  The assessment included several questions asking to rate certain aspects of the team and surgery.

                Mottet’s study began when he got a call from one of his former students, Jessica Raley. Raley put Motte in touch with Chief Surgeon at Dell’s Children’s hospital in Austin, Texas, Todd Maxon. Mottet then began to observe trauma teams and figure out how communication can be enhanced.

                Mottet emphasized that his strong foundation of knowledge started when he came to William Jewell in the 80’s. The content that he thought with and used here at William Jewell Mottet said, has allowed him to develop and help other develop critical thinking. The focus of today’s talk centered around Timothy and his assessment of how pediatric trauma teams communicate and how communication can affect the situation dealing with a trauma patient.

Timothy Mottet graduated William Jewell College in 1984 majoring in communication. Motte is currently the Provost at Northwest Missouri State University. He will be receiving an achievement for outstanding work in his field during William Jewell’s annual convocation.


Jeffery Dahmer

Alex Jimenez

Jeffrey Dahmer Transcript

February 23, 2017




MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Police Department released a transcript of the 911 call that was placed surrounding the murder of a 14 yr. old boy by Jeffery Dahmer.

The 911 call refers to Milwaukee resident Glenda Cleveland’s two dispatchers called. The first incident occurred when Cleveland noticed a young boy on the street naked and bruised up. According to the transcript the police said the boy was intoxicated. The transcript later states that Cleveland issued another call informing police that she believed that the young boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, had been molested by a man. The man was later identified as Jeffery Dahmer.

                Dahmer, 31, was later arrested. He stated that the police officers had been in his apartment once when they returned Sinthasomphone. According to police reports once returned, Dahmer then killed him. After the arrest, Dahmer confessed to killing 17 others and 11 mutilated bodies were found in his apartment. During his trial, Dahmer pleaded insanity.

                “Well no, I am not saying anything about that, but it appeared to be a child. That is my concern” Cleveland said several times to the officer who assured her that everything was taken care of.

                The two officers who returned Sinthasomphone have since been suspended without pay. According to their lawyer, the officers did not suspect anything when the returned the boy to Dahmer’s apartment.





Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

Alex Jimenez

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

April 5, 2017


Sheridan’s Frozen Custard has been servicing the community of Liberty for seventeen years. Owner Brad Newland, a former William Jewell graduate, has been providing delicious custard while offering quality service not just at the store, but out in the community as well.

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard has been a popular spot in Liberty ever since it’s open seventeen years ago. Brad Newland, the owner of the Sheridan’s in Liberty, was the head pro at The National golf course when he ran into Jim Sheridan (creator of Sheridan’s Frozen Custard) who asked Newland if he would be interested in running a franchise in Liberty.

What has it been like to work in a town like Liberty?

When asked, he said the past few years Liberty has exploded and become a popular destination to live. New buildings going up, old ones coming down. 

The unique custard and fun blends of condiments is what has pushed Sheridan’s to be a long successful business here in Liberty.

“I love liberty, it has been a blessing to be able to run Sheridan’s for as long as we have. This has been a great place to raise our two kids. We’ve always been the store that is filled with high school employee’s, so throughout the years we’ve enjoyed being so active in kids lives and really connecting with the schools around and the community,” Newland said.

Part of the success has dealt with the relationships built within the community. Sheridan’s on a weekly basis is involved with local caterings. You can find Sheridan’s being catered all over Liberty, most notably at the local high school sporting events. When asked about what he thinks of Liberty, Owner Brad Newland said, “We love the Liberty community, we just hope they love us as much as we love them”.

What is one of the joys you get from running a custard store?

Dirt ‘n worms, Royal Turtles, and Brett’s Butter-Pecan are just a few of Sheridan’s most popular concretes. Toppings include anywhere from cookie dough, strawberry’s, brownies, mango’s, you name it they got it.

“There have been several joys while running this store. Usually after a big sporting event or tournament teams and parents love to come get some custard, so getting to meet new people and having the high school kids and kids from all over come to enjoy our custard has always made me happy. Oh, of course all the free custard I want as well!,” Said Newland.


I was also able to ask Mr. Newland’s sun, Brady a few questions. This was perfect because I was able to get a different perspective from in the family.

“What has it been like having Sheridan’s be such a big part of your life?”

“Honestly, it has been pretty great. I can actually remember going with my dad to cater one of the Jewell fraternity events, The islander party (Which is something the William Jewell Fiji fraternity still does) . It’s been so fun getting to meet so many different people. It was also the best because when I was young I got to tell all my friends my family is the one who owns the ice cream store”. Said Mr. Newland’s son Brady.


If you are ever in the mood for some tasty custard and a friendly neighborhood vibe, go and check out Sheridan’s Frozen Custard just off 291 in Liberty.