History of Historical Honeywell Co.


Alex Jimenez


Kansas City Honeywell Trip


March 20, 2017




Kansas City, Mo. – A tour of Kansas City’s Honeywell was given last Wednesday to employee family members and friends to see what exactly Honeywell does on a day-to-day basis. The main focal point of the tour included the company’s 125-year history, along with the changes in safety, security, and energy advancements in technology.

Honeywell has been around for nearly 125 years stretching around several companies. It’s core mission and values have always remained the same through its long existence which is, to build and work towards a cleaner, secure, more comfortable future. The name “Honeywell” originated when Mark Honeywell was perfecting the heat generator. Honeywell then brought his business and merged together with Albert Butz’s company to form Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.

Stated above, Honeywell’s vision is to work towards a safer, more secure future. This is accomplished through innovation and technological advances that Honeywell has developed. You may even have some Honeywell items in your own home. They can come in the form as simple as fans, to more advanced pieces of technology such as home alarms.

Honeywell has expanded to do and create many different things. I like to think of the company as swiss army knife. There are multiple companies such as Honeywell Space, Honeywell International that have merged into Honeywell Co, which does business all over the world. For instance, my father works for Honeywell, he is a retired FBI agents and part of his job is to train upcoming agents.

Talking on diversity of the company, during my visit I was able to step into a machine they created in which simulates what it is like to be hit by a car moving 30 miles per hour. Let me tell, it doesn’t feel good.

“Diverse, I think that is a suitable word to describe this company,” said my father, who has now been at Honeywell for over 13 years and now works for the energy department.

Honeywell’s vision for a cleaner, safer, more secure future has always been its vision. The multitude of areas that Honeywell is involved has helped pave the way for technology we use every day. Any other information on Honeywell can be found in the link bellow.





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