School Board President Indicted

Alex Jimenez

School Board Member Charged with Fraud

8 February 2017


Liberty, MO- School board president David DeBecker, has been indicted by a county grand jury on several charges after a 14-month investigation.

 DeBecker is being charged by police with fraud, extortion, theft and obstruction of justice. Authorities believe the former president had defrauded the school of about 850,000 dollars across a six-year period. DeBecker is free on a 250,000 bond. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

                DeBecker who is 57, is also part owner of a janitorial service “Best Bet Cleaning Services”. The former president did not inform the school he was a part owner when the high school was bidding for a cleaning service. His partner, James V Stimson, is listed as owner and operator of the company. 

                Seven years ago, Stimson found a firm that was owned and run by David Debecker. Stimson was in trouble with the U.S. Internal revenue service for owing back taxes. Debecker helped Stimson with his issues and in return, he wanted to be a silent owner in Stimson cleaning business.

                DeBecker then helped Stimson when the bid for the schools cleaning service as low bidder. Debecker then recruited students for the vocational school to work with Stimson. At times, around 35 students would be put to work at the home of Debecker. The students were being told they were being paid with “experience”.

           Office of secretary for Best Bet Cleaning Service, Ruth Gunderson, has also been charged with obstruction for destroying email’s regarding the school work. A county grand jury then handed down the 14-month indictment.      







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