Clerk Shoots Alleged Burglar

Alex Jimenez

Convenience Store Robbery

28 February 2017


Liberty  MO. –  Cody’s, a local quick stop/convenience was a scary scene as last night as robber was shot and killed around 11 p.m.

                The man working behind the counter was 22-year-old Michael Earnest Layoux. The night took a scary turn when Layoux was held at gunpoint and asked for money from the register. Layoux then grabbed the .25 caliber pistol from under the counter and fire multiple shots.

                It is against company policy to keep guns in the store. A story Layoux read about two clerks who were shot and killed in a convivence store prompted him to start carrying a weapon.

                “First, you have to understand where the store is. Its located in a remote area in the northeast corner of town. There’s nothing around that’s open at night, so I’m all alone in the store. I started carrying  gun to work last year after I read where two clerks at another convenience store in the city were robbed and killed. Carrying a gun is against company policy, but I figured I had to protect myself.” Layoux said when asked about the situation.

                The robber, who has not yet been identified, was shot 3 times in areas including the chest and side. Layoux said at the time he didn’t realize that the bullets hit the man as he ran through glass and escaped. Later, the body would be found 200 yards away, as the man had died from his wounds.

                With the robber dead, even though Layoux was defending himself, Layoux was fired for disobeying company policy. Layoux said, “I wouldn’t do it any different.”

                A tough situation for this young man as he expressed to us that he is a college student who needs the job. Layoux had been at the job all through college. Now in his 4th year, Layoux hopes to graduate in a couple of months.

                Layoux did say he understands that it is the companies rule. “. Most people don’t know how to handle guns. I do. I’ve been around them and using them all my life” Layoux said.

                Ramon Hernandez, the district attorney for the case, confirmed that his office considered that the actions that took place were deemed as “self-defense” and that Layoux will not be prosecuted.







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